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Here is a quick bio to get you started.

ROBERT FATE is my pen name. The name on my birth certificate is Robert Fate Bealmear. I wrote my first novel when I was 70 and chose as the protagonist a young woman whose nickname is Baby Shark.

I'm a Marine Corps veteran who earned the G.I. Bill. So, I lived in Paris and studied at the Sorbonne. In my murky past, I have worked as an oilfield rough neck on a Texaco rig in Northeastern Oklahoma and a TV cameraman in Oklahoma City. I was a fashion model in New York City, where I co-authored a stage play with my buddy Don Chastain. We never sold it––but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. I was a project manager most profitable binary options strategy and later a sales exec in Las Vegas after working as a chef in a Los Angeles restaurant, where Gourmet Magazine asked for my Gingerbread recipe—actually, it was my grandmother's recipe. Along the way, I owned a company that airbrushed flowers on silk for the garment industry, and then I wrote scripts for the soap opera Search for Tomorrow. With the support and encouragement of Bruce Cook, a good friend, I produced an independent feature film. As a Hollywood special effects technician, I earned an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. My friend Bruce further encouraged me to write my first novel. I've published a novel a year since then, and it looks as if the trend will continue.

My wife Fern and I live in Los Angeles in an eighty-three-year-old Spanish Colonial on a hillside overlooking Silver Lake. Fern is a ceramic artist and yoga enthusiast. Our fabulous daughter Jenny graduated cum laude with two degrees from USC, and is now doing an excellent job of making her way in the world. Fern and I have a large dog, four small cats, and a turtle named Pharrell who keep us company since Jenny left home.

The six books in my crime series are: BABY SHARK; Baby Shark's BEAUMONT BLUES; Baby Shark's HIGH PLAINS REDEMPTION; Baby Shark's JUGGLERS AT THE BORDER, Baby Shark's SHOWDOWN AT CHIGGER FLATS, and Baby Shark’s GRASS WIDOW LEGACY. Some think of my writing as hard-boiled. Personally, I believe I write cozies with a few brutal murders. It's all point of view, isn't it?

I have also written a stand-alone crime novel entitled: KILL THE GIGOLO. It is set in contemporary New York City and Mexico, is told in third person, and has a male protagonist. I plan to write more stand-alones while continuing the Baby Shark series.

I'm glad you are here—thanks for dropping by.

Bob Fate


Kill the GigoloKILL THE GIGOLO by Robert Fate

Kill the Gigolo is a stand alone, contemporary, hardboiled crime adventure, with a male protagonist and a cast of characters you will find hard to forget.

Boston gangster Al Foley has a grudge to settle and only the severed head of a New York City gigolo named Erik Lamar will even the score. The Irish Mob is given an assignment: kill the gigolo.

When the mutilated corpse of Erik's friend, Freddy, is found dumped in an Upper West Side alley, Erik gets the warning--what happened to Freddy is a Girl Scout demerit compared to what is planned for him. But first, they have to catch him. One step ahead of Foley's thugs, the smooth-talking ladies man flies off to Mexico, thinking he has traded terror for a life of leisure with a rich older woman who delights in bad boys like Erik.

But it's not so easy. He meets a beauty named Valerie--and he thought Al Foley was dangerous. Lies and deceit become Erik's way of life in the tropics, and in no time losing his head to the mob becomes the least of his worries.

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